Hello everyone.  I want to write an article that discusses an issue that drives me insane.  Recently I heard a developer claim “I hate Microsoft…” and proceeded on a tirade of this reason or that reason why they are frustrated.  In the world of technology, Microsoft has been around long enough that we should realize they aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  Whenever I hear a tech person proclaim that they hate Microsoft, in my ears, it sounds like a mechanic saying: “I hate metric tools.”  It is a pointless thing to hate.  When I hear that someone is frustrated with Microsoft, what it usually comes down to, is that they are not aware of what the right setting is they are looking for.  The product is doing exactly what it is supposed to, and the developer just doesn’t know what setting to change.  In the past several years, since Satya took over, Microsoft has taken a 180-degree turn and started building some fantastic tools.  They say it is hard for a rudder to turn a large ship, but Satya has done it.  In fact, Microsoft seems to have the attitude that I would want to see out of any tech company: “Check out what we have, but if you don’t like it, we’ll support you using what you want.”  The next time you hear someone proclaim they don’t like Microsoft, just remind them that it doesn’t make sense to not like your tool, you just need to learn how to use your tool.

I just want to clarify, I am not paid by Microsoft, nor am I saying that they are the best tool for everything.  However, they are a prevalent force in the tech industry and that means if you want to be good at Tech, you need to know how to use Microsoft products.

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